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Kron Property Services LLC specializes in providing a wide range of property preservation services for real estate owned (REO) properties throughout the state of Connecticut. Our company has pursued excellence in real estate and asset preservation for more than 20 years. We're known for our expertise, hard work and strong attention to detail. We treat your house like our house.

You don't have to settle for subpar home remodeling and REO services. Get a free project estimate when you contact us today.

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Protecting your assets is our top priority. Kron Property Services is:

  • Experienced - we have over 20 years of property preservation experience
  • Specialized - we understand what goes into caring for REO properties
  • Highly qualified - we're fully licensed and insured
  • Safe and secure - all Kron property employees and contractors continue to undergo continuous security checks through Aspen Grove

All work performed by Kron Property Services is documented and archived for client accessibility. It's no wonder residents of Milford, CT and throughout the state prefer working with us for home repair services. We take pride in offering thorough care for our clients' occupied and unoccupied properties. Schedule an appointment today to partner with us.

Your satisfaction is our top priority

We treat your house like our house

  • Experienced - we have over 20 years of property preservation experience
  • Home repair services
  • Property preservation services
  • Vacant home renovation services
  • Residential construction services
  • Demolition services
  • Architectural and design services
  • Pre-construction consulting services

Even if you aren't sure exactly what you need, we're happy to offer our professional advice. Call today to learn more.